The United Nations Development Program published our Inclusion report!

Since our inclusive employment report Inclusion at Work:Guidelines for Social Inclusion in China was released, it has already had 4579 views. The report’s call for inclusive employment echoes the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including No Poverty, Quality Education, Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Reduced Inequalities.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) unanimously adopted by 193 member states in 2015 represent United Nations` largest program guiding global development between 2015 and 2030. These 17 goals provide us with a guidance how to solve challenges that our world has been facing.

We are very grateful to SDG Help Desk for including our inclusive employment report into their E-library. Let us have the opportunity to show the world the wisdom of social entrepreneurs in China, and good practices about inclusive employment of people with disabilities.

The Sustainable Development Goals Help Desk is a one-stop online service providing access to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)-related tools, knowledge products, data portals, expertise, advice, and opportunities for peer-learning and regional South-South cooperation through thematic areas, covering a multitude of topics.

If you are interested in our report:


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Making Innovation More Inclusive– European Chamber of Commerce Awarded us CSR Award

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China has been a strong advocate of CSR over the past years. This year`s CSR Awards Ceremony brought International and Chinese Business and Organization Leaders, CSR experts, as well as representatives of Government from all over China to Nanjing.

The CSR Awards aim to acknowledge successful projects with CSR value, raise sustainability awareness, and share experience with promoting social corporate responsibility in China.

We are very honored to win the SMEs Award: Excellence in Responsible Innovation, we would also like to express our gratitude to the European Chamber of Commerce for their support and trust.

Our project Mechanical Inclusive Factory was done in cooperation with Flex, where we established a special production line fully operated by people with intellectual disabilities.

Looking back at this project, we have come across many difficulties, but we have always had the same goal: inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities into the mainstream working environment. Slowly, together with Flex we overcame all the difficulties and brought this project to the world.

We believe that having a job is not only offering a salary but also providing hope for people with intellectual disabilities and their families. Thanks to this project, their role from consumers was transferred to contributors to our society.

Now Mechanical Inclusive Factory has been running almost for one year and has already employed 12 people with intellectual disabilities.

By giving us this award today, European Chamber proved that this model has been successful and innovative. Also, we want to say thank you to the Flex team, who decided to do another big step towards inclusion!

We hope that more and more responsible companies will join us on the road to inclusion. We promise you that this inclusion trip will exceed all your expectations.

We Are Inclusive We Are Designed for Success

An estimated number of 85 million people with disabilities live in China today but most of us never get the chance to meet someone with a disability in person in our daily lives, that is where prejudice and superstitions come from – we do not know, we hear some stereotypes and believe them to be true.

We most often see things from our personal point of view and it is hard to imagine that people with disabilities also have dreams, aspirations, love for beauty, hobbies and passion for life.

But we are more alike than different.

The journey of independence that has transformed these women inspired us to reflect on how alike we are and how every person has the possibility of succeeding on his/her own way.




We Are Strong



We Are Beautiful



We Are Independent




We Are Complete




We Are Alike



We are Designed for Success. But success is a tricky word, seems to be mostly defined by what other people thinks, yet at Zurita we believe success is what we define for our own lives. These women are successful in the same way we all are. We all have worried our parents at some point, we all had that awful teacher who told us we would never be who we wanted to be, we all have failed at some point. And yet we keep trying. That self-improving nature, that fight, makes us alike.

Makes us Successful by Nature.


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A Report on Inclusive Employment is Released!

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After almost a year of hard work, – reporton inclusive employment of people with intellectual disabilities – “Inclusion at Work: Guidelines for Social Inclusion in China” has finally been published.

This report provides a short overview of the Inclusion of People with developmental disabilities in China and presents guidelines as for how the inclusion can be further promoted.

With this report, we aim to help managers to reach an informed decision about the possibilities of inclusion within their companies and provide scholars, government and non-governmental organizations an insight into this rapidly developing field.

Information about social inclusion projects in China is scarce, and not easy to access, particularly for foreign management. With the endorsement of the Shanghai German Chamber of Commerce, and based on the experience of pioneering companies that are bringing this change into their societies, we hope this publication can shed some light on the topic, create more opportunities for people with disabilities, and show you, that Inclusion is rewarding, meaningful, and – above all – the right thing to do.

This report could only be published thanks to the support of the following people and organizations: Alexander Sirakov – the Editor in Chief and the initiator of this report, JungleFish Shanghai for the outstanding design and years of support, Elisabeth Bauer and the German Chamber of Commerce team and all other people who dedicated their time and knowledge to make this project happen. Thank you again!

And most notably, we want to express gratitude to outstanding employees of the Inclusion Factory and their families; because they are setting the standard for Social Inclusion in China and opening the door to many more people who will benefit from your amazing achievements!


2019 CSR Ceremony

On September 2nd 2019 Inclusion Factory held 2 important events: the celebration of Inclusion Factory’s 5th Anniversary & The CSR Ceremony 2019, our third one thus far, to express our appreciation and gratitude to all the support we have received along the way.

This year’s CSR ceremony was our biggest one yet. It was our honor to award 13 companies with our CSR awards. We are very thankful for all of your support along this inclusion journey.

In particular, we are grateful for the representatives of the following associations and companies that participated in the ceremony: Taicang High Tech Industrial Development Zone, Taicang Disabled Persons Federation, Taicang Software Park, Taicang Round Table, German Chamber of Commerce, as well as the 13 awardee companies and representatives of European companies from Shanghai and Taicang.

These past 5 years would not have been possible without the strong support from the Taicang High Tech Industrial Development Zone; we are thankful for your open-mindedness and being so accepting of this project. You have not only made Taicang an industry leader but also a leader of diversity and inclusion.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the Taicang Disabled Persons Federation for your support and cooperation from day one; from providing us with training premises, to referring candidates for employment, and bringing numerous visits to the Inclusion Factory.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the German Chamber of Commerce who has treated us like their little sister, and AHK for certifying the Social Inclusion Academy.

In these past 5 years, we have transformed from a sheltered factory of 12 employees and 3 customers: to a factory of nearly 30 employees, 15 customers, 13 staff members, and 20 different projects.

We have also established our Social Inclusion Academy and the Transition Program. In the former, we have trained more Job Coaches, conducted Disability Awareness Seminars, provided Supported Employment Services to companies that wish to hire people with disabilities, and provided Advisory Services to companies that wish to open factories like ours within their operations. In the latter, we have started to provide training to the graduates of the Taicang Special Education School. In May of this year, we also issued our inclusive employment report. (Inclusion at Work: Guidelines forSocial Inclusion in China, which can be read here. )

Our CSR Awards consist of 5 categories: Platinum, Gold, Pearl, Long-Standing Support & Special Recognition.


Platinum Award

To be receive the Platinum Award, a company has to make monetary or equivalent contributions of 300,000 RMB and above.

This year’s Platinum Award recipient includes:


JungleFish | 太极鱼

Mr Yang Vice President ofTaicang Disabled Persons Federation,Mr. Philipp Fries, JungleFish Director Brand Design,our PR model Huang Yun

This year’s Platinum Award went to JungleFish Shanghai in recognition of years of media and public relations (PR) support. We are very grateful for JungleFish for designing our website, brochures, CSR certificates, amongst many other media and PR materials. Their designs have been professional and beautiful. JungleFish has not only proven to be branding magicians but also great supporters of inclusivity and diversity.



Gold Award

To be receive the Gold Award, a company has to make monetary or equivalent contribution of 100,000 RMB and above.

This year’s Gold Award recipients are:


Alfmeier | 艾福迈汽车系统

Mr. Markus Shwartz the GMof Alfmeier, Mr. Thilo Koeppe Chairman of the board and Peng Xin – our leadingoperator for the Alfmeier project.

We met Mr Schwartz, Deputy General Manager of Alfmeier, at a Christmas Party organized by the German Chamber of Commerce. Since then, Alfmeier has shown great commitment to the Inclusion Factory. They have provided us with constant work orders, as well as gifted us a machine from their European operations that has been modified to suit our needs. Since meeting Mr Schwartz, we have produced approximately 20,000 pieces a month for Alfmeier.


IN50 Design | 昱华建筑

Mr. Waterson Lim thefounder of In50 Design

Inclusion Factory interior looks as beautiful as it is thanks to in50 Design Beijing. in50 Design Beijing has also kindly designed the second floor of our office, which will begin renovations in a week. This tremendous support from in50 was provided completely free of charge!

Orchisky | 兰天软件

Shelly the GeneralManager of Orchisky,our board member Ms. Jessicar Shen & our computer lover Sheng Zhigang

Orchisky has been our IT supplier for the past 3 years. Not only have they provided technical assistance on an almost daily basis, but have now extended their generosity by providing support to launch a full ERP system tailored specifically to our operations.


AdenServices | 埃顿服务

Mr. Derek Xu, East China regional director of Aden services and Mr. EricBreslin, Li Li who controls the daily food distribution to all the employees.

5 years of social innovation could not have been achieved on empty stomachs. For the past 5 years, Aden Services has been responsible for keeping our stomachs full and hearts fueled. Special thanks goes out to our board member Erik Breslein, General Manager of Zollner Electronics, who has financially contributed to part of the resources and services provided by Aden.



Pearl Award

To be receive the Pearl Award, a company has to makea monetary or equivalent contribution of 15,000 RMB and above.
This year’s Pearl Award recipients are:

Brose | 博泽汽车部件

Mrs. Jenny Xiang,President of Brose China

Brose has supported Inclusion Factory in two ways: first, they have sponsored our company’s outings, the employees’ music seminars, and our Employee-of-the-Month program; second, they have also started placing orders from us. We are excited to embark on this new journey with a familiar friend!



Mr. Armin Liebler, theGeneral Manager of GSN,our order and organization loving, You Jingfang.

We all know how challenging it is to find a partner that fully understands your needs. It took us 4 and a half years but we eventually found one! Thank you GSN for making Inclusion Factory look like a state-of-the-art factory in such a short period of time!

HoffmannGroup | 霍夫曼集团

Dr. Christian Kober,Hoffmann group Senior Vice President Asia,Yu Ziheng, our production assistant who makes use of the donated tools ona daily basis.

Our continued effort to making Inclusion Factory a top-quality supplier cannot be done without using the best tools in the market. We are grateful for Hoffman Group’s generous donation. We would not be where we are today without your high-quality tools!

Every year our company participates in the Taicang Oktoberfest. Our participation would not have been possible without the support of the following organizations and companies. First, we would like to thank TRTs for their generous invitation. Next, we would also like to thank the companies listed below that have supported us by providing booth services and media coverage during Taicang Oktoberfest over the past three years. We would like to especially thank you this year for further supporting us with a monetary donation.

Four Points by Sheraton Taicang


HMDMedia & Advertising



Long Standing Award

The Long-Standing Award honors companies that have supported us over an extended period of time. The recipients are:

Waelzholz | 威尔斯

Mr Li Financial Managerof Waelzholz , Lu Chunxiao & Chen Xiaofeng who have been with us from dayone

When we established the Inclusion Factory, we knew we wanted to create a meaningful brand. In addition to JungleFish, Waelholz have been key in providing us with the financial support to create our brand and share our stories. Thank you Waelzholz not just for the past three years of media and branding support, but also showing us that there are numerus ways to support our cause–all you need is the will to do so.


Special Contribution Award


Zurita Madrid

Monica, the owner ofZurita Madrid ,our models Ji Yiran & her motherPeng Haiying. Sun Xiaoli, Yang yanping, Chen Shiqi and Huang Yun to the stage.

Our final award is a special one. We are deeply committed to promoting the inclusion and equality of people with disabilities. This year, we partnered up with Zurita Madrid, a sustainable fashion brand based in Shanghai, to further promote diversity and beauty amongst people with disabilities.

Zurita initiated a fashion campaign titled “Designed for Success”: an inclusive fashion campaign that featured 5 of our beautiful employees. Photos taken for the campaign were featured in an exhibition in Shanghai and the campaign’s video has received over 10,000 views: reminding more and more people that beauty belongs to all!


Thank you once again to all our partners, our hardworking employees and fellow parents for your support. You are our strength and motivation to go farther and farther!

No matter where you came from: to all of our many dear friends, you are the reason for our growth and progress.’ This goes out to all of you!

Providing A Job is Giving Hope

At the age of 6, Xiao Quan started to look very different from other children. He liked to tease his neighbors’chicken. Xiao Quan’s parents had to apologize to their neighbors everytime. The situation happened over and over again. The neighbors didn’t have any other choice, just to keep bearing it, because everyone knew that this childwas a bit special. Xiao Quan’s parents said openly that families with similar children to Xiao Quan are not in an easy situation. Only parents of intellectually challenged children know how hard it can get.

All parents wish their children to be successful, and so do Xiao Quan’s parents. When Xiao Quan was in school, he was not social and he could not keep up with other students. Everytime there was a team activity, other students would run in one direction and Xiao Quan would run in the opposite one.

Later on, Xiao Quan’s parents moved from Anhui province to Suzhou for work purpose and took Xiao Quan along with them. He dropped out of school after finishing his primary education. As his parents have always been busy with work, they didn’t have time to stay at home and take care of him. They had to let Xiao Quan stay in a rented apartment alone. “He felt lonely there and didn’t have any friends, we could see he how he started to deteriorate.” His parents said.

How can a young man in the prime of his life be expected to stay at home by himself? Xiao Quan always sneaked out when his parents were not at home, however he often got lost and could not find his way back home. Sometimes Xiao Quan’s parents were looking for him until late at night. If they didn’t find him, the only option was to call the police, so they became regular visitors of the police station.

Once, on the afternoon of the Lantern Festival of 2017, Xiao Quan as usual, was going in the direction of Nanyang Square in Taicang; when he started to go back home ,he went in the opposite direction. He kept walking further and further, without asking anybody for help.

Then it started to rain, and Xiao Quan’s parents had to report to the police. That time his where aboutswere updated every half an hour. After 40 hours passed and he didn’t come back, his parents feared that the worst. After 48 hours, the parents had to give up. They left the police station crying in despair, and decided to go home and wait for information from the police.

When his parents returned home and opened the door, they couldn`t believe their eyes. Xiao Quan was at home, looking like a homeless, all covered in mud and grabbing leftovers from Lantern Festival’s dinner. Because he was eating so much and so fast, he actually damaged his stomach that day.

After surviving by the skin of his teeth, Xiao Quan’s parents decided that something must change in Xiao Quan’s life, and he should not make the life of his whole family so hard. They must seek the support from the government. Later, for the sake of their children, his parents also moved their household registration from Anhui to Suzhou.

After he came to work in the Inclusion Factory, Xiao Quan’s family experienced a great change. From Monday to Friday, Xiao Quan works in the Inclusion Factory, receiving professional vocational training and completing designated daily tasks. After a busy week, Xiao Quan does not want to run around on weekends any more. Instead, he stays at home and has a good rest.

Xiao Quan’s parents were very pleased from Xiao Quan’s change at this point. Inclusion Factory’s employees are driven to and from work every day, so Xiao Quan’s parents can set their mind at rest. Before working in the Inclusion Factory, Xiao Quan stayed at home and his parents found that the older he grew, the more serious his impairment became and the his mental deterioration gradually worsen. After receiving professional career training at the Inclusion Factory, Xiao Quan became more organized and efficient. At work, Xiao Quan gets along well with many colleagues and although he does not talk much, he has become more outgoing and undergone a major change.

Transition from School to Company


On July 11th, two interns who participated in Inclusive Employment Transition Program funded by Mubea Help Foundation have just successfully accomplished their internship. Both students who come from Taicang Special Education School spent one semester at Inclusion Factory – making transition from young students finishing their studies into productive staff members. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Mubea Help Foundation and and Taicang Special School for their support.

Job Coach giving graduation certificates to the graduates

The aim of Inclusive Employment Transition Program is to give the students possibility to do a 6 month internship before they officially leave their school. With help of professional vocational training they get better adapted to the workplace environment. In short, Transition program helps students to get better integrated into society after they graduate from school.

At the end of the program, successful graduates can directly join Inclusion Factory and stay on full-time employment.

Signing work contract

Inclusion Factory cooperated with Mubea Help Foundation and with Taicang Special Education School. Our aim is to to build a system where students from special education school come to work at Inclusion Factory and then enter a main-stream enterprise. Diversity and inclusion have been in focus of Mubea since long time, they have actively undertaken CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and have assisted in organization development and community construction.


Inclusion Factory wins “More Than a Market” Award, again!

On the evening of May 30th, Taicang Inclusion Factory was honored to become winner of the “More than a Market Awards” for outstanding efforts in social engagement. After being the winner in 2016, Inclusion Factory won this year again with their project “Inclusion Advisory”.

Inclusion Factory has been engaged in facilitating the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities into society through vocational training and meaningful employment. In 2018, the company launched the Inclusion Advisory with the aim to provide professional support to enterprises that are seeking to employ people with intellectual disabilities in their operations.

Flex, one of the world top 500 electronics manufacturer, was the first to heed the call. In 2018, Flex decided to venture even further. After an intensive cooperation with the Taicang Inclusion Advisory, the two partners created Flex’s Mechanical Inclusive Factory; currently hiring 10 people with intellectual disabilities working in a production line. After having received “More than a Market Award”, the Inclusion Advisory hopes to further promote its model of inclusive employment into companies around China. We hope that even more people with intellectual disabilities could benefit from it and find a meaningful employment.

Ground Breaking Inclusion in Flex Zhuhai

Flex Zhuhai is by far the most inclusive company we know of in China, within a workforce of above 40,000 employees in Zhuhai Guangdong, they hire over 500 (!) employees with physical and hearing impairments included equally and respectfully throughout their operation.

Wanting to take the next step of Inclusion, Flex together with the Inclusion Factory have established the Flex Inclusion Factory! An internal workshop within Flex’s, operated solely by people with intellectual disabilities to which production lines can “outsource” assembly tasks. Together, in a unique project (arguably done for the first time China-wide), and which spread over a time period of 6 months, Flex became a true role model for the Inclusion of People with Intellectual Disabilities into the society, through meaningful employment, high quality vocational training & most notably – offering equal opportunities to those who deserve them!

We wish to take this opportunity to thank Flex’s amazing, open-minded team; from the top management all the way to the last operator – for their willingness to accept, support and contribute towards a more equal and inclusive society!

Welcome to our Team!


A social worker recruitment

The ideal candidate is an experienced social worker, a person who loves working with people who have intellectual and mental disabilities. You will be given all the resources needed to start new projects, to further develop our Social Inclusion Academy program, to initiate transition program for special education school graduates and to develop the life skills of our employees. We are looking for someone who is willing to learn, grow, and join us in leading the social inclusion of people with disabilities in China.
You will work in an international and open-minded work environment. You will take part in inclusion related conferences and activities – great way to build your future career in the field of social entrepreneurship.


  • Lead the entire social program aspect: target cooperation partners, develop curriculum, design and deliver lessons, communicate with universities, build presentations, teaching independent life skills.
  • Assess the progress and development of the programs and of each employee and design future action plans.
  • Work closely with our team of professional job coaches and production supervisors, assist them in developing our employees’ skills and abilities.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Social work or related majors
  • Good communication skills
  • Highly organized with excellent attention to detail
  • Chinese Fluency, English is a bonus
  • At least 3 years of previous work experience with people who have intellectual and mental disabilities