Every year, we take our employees to visit our customer factories and let them experience the most advanced corporate working environment. But even more importantly, we want to let our employees understand, that the products processed by our company, will eventually be sent to other factories, where they become final products. We want them to see, that what they make in our factory is actually installed into a real car.

Schaeffler employees are doing a presentation about their company

Schaeffler is a partner of many companies in the automobile manufacturing industry, its main focus is on engines, transmissions and chassis systems. On average, about 60 parts of every single car in the world were made in Schaeffler.

Schaeffler is not only a leader in advanced technology but also a role model for a sustainable supply chain. One of the ways to prove this is by purchasing services from social enterprises and thus supporting people with disabilities to obtain equal employment rights. Schaeffler outsources some simple parts to Inclusion Factory for processing, giving this complex supply chain a much bigger social value. If factories like Schaeffler didn`t have a sense of corporate social responsibility, 31 employees with intellectual disabilities in Inclusion Factory would not be able to get employment.

Thomas Maurischat,Global BU leader of Wheel Modules

“Quality was never an issue.”


I was already introduced to “Lebenshilfe Offenburg” as a young engineer in Germany. I visited their facilities that supported our production plant and was very impressed by how many innovative, yet simple processes were created to ensure everything worked well, in line with our production needs. Then a few years ago, I found out that such facilities and needs existed in Taicang as well. Our Schaeffler team visited Inclusion Factory and we agreed to give it a try. It proved to be the right decision and we have been in close cooperation ever since.

The Inclusion Factory helped us by taking over some of our own workload, which allowed us to focus on more complex tasks at hand. Quality was never an issue. Inclusion Factory has been fully compliant with our supplier requirements and offered excellent services throughout.

It makes me happy to see that we can receive such services, while being able to give back to the society and offer real jobs to individuals with special needs. This follows our commitment towards corporate social responsibility and gives our team the personal satisfaction of being able to make a difference in people’s lives and our community.

Dapeng, one of the employees of Inclusion Factory, is a big fan of cars. Although he cannot has his own car as some other people have, he still feels very proud – every time a German brand car is manufactured, there is a part that comes from his hands. Compared to owning a car, isn`t making a car even cooler?If you also want to become a socially responsible company like Schaeffler by outsourcing part of the production work to us, please contact us.

The year 2020 is quite a challenging one for us all. And although the global economy is experiencing a recession, many companies engage in social projects as they keep promoting meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility strategies. In the Inclusion Factory case, things are not different; we are honored to welcome new supporters into our network. Together, we further promote the inclusion of people with Intellectual Disabilities in our society.

 Gold Partners



Brose has been promoted from Pearl level partnership to Gold level, slowly and steadily becoming one of the inclusion Factory`s biggest customers!

The best way to support us is by providing us with work orders! Products that are outsourced to the Inclusion Factory lead to further employment of People with Disabilities and therefore bring a meaningful change into their lives. Brose has been helping us doing so at an ever-growing rate.


 Pearl Partners




Schaeffler Special Machine Builder supported technological innovation at the Inclusion Factory. Shaeffler’s team upgraded our production equipment while extending its service life, which resulted in a significant improvement in production efficiency and quality stability.





A long-lasting partnership that has reignited recently!

Staufen is supporting the Inclusion Factory with staff management and Lean operation guidance! Our partner for operational excellence.




Our ultimate goal is to provide people with Intellectual Disabilities with decent employment.

To be able to reach this goal, we have been exploring different assistive tools and devices that can further enhance the working abilities of our employees. One key component in this path is to be able to prepare our own assistive tools and fixtures.

We are very grateful to Wiiboox 3D Printers, who sponsored a high-quality industrial 3D printer. Wiiboox moto is “Realize Your Big Ideas,” a very matching phrase to the potential role technology can have in the Inclusion of People with Disabilities into the workforce!



How often do we encounter people with disabilities in our daily lives?

And how often do we give them a place in our companies?

As we wanted to convey this message in a simple, easy-to-understand, and eye-catching way, we asked help from a global expert: Simpleshow. Check out this 3-minute video that Simplshow has done for our Inclusion Advisory service.

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Corporate Social Responsibility is an important strategy in companies, but many managers do not know how to comply with it and put it into practice. We prepared a 3-minute video to explain exactly that, we promise it is worth watching!




This video is supported by siimpleshow

simpleshow believe that a word without knowledge boundaries is a better place to work and live. Therefore simpleshow create explanations, which enable everyone to understand anything. How? simpleshow explain complex topics in a short, simple and entertaining way.

“There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals”; it is rare to find those people, and we were lucky enough to run with SAP.

Inclusion Factory

SAP’s vision is to “make the world run better and improve people’s lives”, and the “diversity and inclusion” strategy is one of the means to achieve this vision. Sap has always regarded diversity and inclusion as the company’s development strategy. In 2013, SAP launched the autism at work program globally to create an equal opportunity for people with disabilities to be included into the mainstream workplace. So far, 175 talents with autism have been employed by SAP.

Today, SAP’s smart hand extends to a wider field, using its technical advantages in enterprise management software to help Taicang Inclusion Factory’s digital transformation. Taicang Inclusion Factory is a social enterprise dedicated to promoting the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities into the society. It employs nearly thirty full-time employees with intellectual disabilities, who are responsible to assemble and process automotive and electronic parts and components. The goal is that using professional vocational training, the employees will improve their skills and in the future will be able to work in a regular enterprise.




Diverse Employees – Diverse Challenges

In the Inclusion factory, each employee is unique, and his or her working abilities are also different from other employees. The products of the factory are diverse, and dozens of products need to be assembled in a day. Therefore, shift management has become a very complex task in the daily work of the factory. On the one hand, the factory needs to consider the quality demands of the customer & the delivery time of the order. On the other hand, the factory also needs to consider the different abilities of the employees. The most important thing is to visualize the entire interactive interface so that each employee can independently obtain work information.

“I need at least one hour a day to arrange employee scheduling. The Excel scheduling table we designed is very complicated and has many formulas. It is easy to make mistakes if you are not careful, and it is not very flexible to adjust.”

——Haiyan, Job Coach, Inclusion Factory

“The data in our production workshop and warehouse management department can’t be cleared. I often chase my colleagues in the warehouse management department to ask what the order volume is for tomorrow, and my colleagues from the warehouse department often come over and ask me how the production is going. “

——Bei Bei, Job Coach, Inclusion Factory

In order to face these problems, the shift management system that are available on the market, cannot meet the needs of the Inclusion Factory.

SAP’s helping hand

After the Inclusion Factory team explained SAP the challenges they faced, SAP team established a team of volunteer experts. After a year of hard work, the first version was released at last.

Later, after repeated testing by the Job Coaches, the SAP team also carried out many iterations of the version. Finally, the system was officially put into operation in April this year.

Digital empowerment to help the inclusive employment of people with disabilities

Visualized barrier-free design: This system inherits SAP’s inclusive corporate culture. Its interactive interface fully considers the cognitive characteristics of people with intellectual disabilities. With the graphical interface of information visualization, employees with disabilities in the workshop can quickly understand the work arrangement without hindrance.

One-key scheduling: The work that originally took an hour can be completed in seconds.

Freely and conveniently switching between multiple modes: in order to further develop the skills of the employees, we would like employees to work on different products throughout the day. However, each employee’s work efficiency for each products is different. Thus, the need to increase our production capacity is hard to achieve; this system can be flexibly adjusted according to the status and lead-time of different orders.
When the order volume is relatively large or urgent, the “maximum capacity” mode is on; and the shift management system will give priority to the employee’s work efficiency. When the order is small or not urgent, the “minimum capacity” mode is on. The shift management system will prioritize employee’s training needs, to allow employees to do products they have not done before, with the purpose of improving the productivity level of employees. When “employee care” mode is on, the shift management system will prioritize arranging employees to do a variety of products during the work day to enhance their joy and interest in the daily tasks.

Seamless data connection: today, all departments can share data seamlessly through this system, greatly reducing the time spent on internal communication.

Tracking production capacity: we can intuitively see the progress of each order and understand the changes in the productivity of each employee.

The complex and refined business scenarios and standardized and modular products corresponding to existing SAP products far exceed the needs of the Inclusion Factory. Therefore, we need to use an innovative way of thinking to design, develop and deliver products. Our SAP engineers and designers used design thinking, Job-to-be-done and other innovative methodologies to guide our entire project. At present, the product has been successfully launched, and we are looking forward to a larger goal to explore a new business model for customers like the Inclusion Factory. This can be a new product development model and new product standards for SAP, and ultimately to create a new business ecology and make greater contributions to the sustainable development goals.

Anniwa Abulizi

SAP Innovations Location lead

“Not too often we get the opportunity to combine Social & Technological Innovation. Imagine the following: a software that plans production while keeping the social and developmental needs of our employees as one of the top considerations of its algorithm. This is truly one of the most amazing cooperations we ever had, and we continue to explore how SAP, as a world leader in software development can further develop the Inclusion Factory as a leading global practice in Inclusion based Technologies!

——Nadav Ben Simon

General Manager, Inclusion Factory

With the help of the SAP team, Taicang Inclusion Factory carried out a great change, the production capacity has been significantly improved, and each employee with disability directly benefits from this technological revolution, which eliminates various barriers and allows the employees to enjoy accessible and comfortable work environment.


Thank you SAP China


Every month, there is one day dedicated to bringing “joy through music”. With the sponsorship of Brose, we invited a music teacher from Shanghai who facilitated a monthly music workshop for our employees.

Let’s review these wonderful moments of the music workshop through a video.

Music and music improvisation have always been the common language of human beings, regardless the ability or cultural differences. We used instruments to give our employees a chance to fully express, explore and re-understand themselves. Music improvisation also helps our employees to search for their own needs, and thus obtain a positive change.

By holding these workshops, we hope to make our employees feel the charm of music and let them know that everyone can be involved in music. At the same time, we also expect that this course can help employees relax themselves, release their work pressure and improve their self-confidence. Some activities are in small teams, which helps to improve teamwork abilities in operation.

Music teacher Pablo: “Thanks Inclusion Factory a lot for giving me the opportunity to come here to teach music. This experience is very precious to me, because I’ve never taught in such a different environment, which is of great benefit to me in improving my teaching methods. From the beginning, everyone’s performance was excellent and everyone was very engaged, which made my teaching work easier and happier. Meanwhile, in such an environment, challenged employees feel very comfortable, relaxed and more confident.”

Lenka: “Using different musical instruments seems to be much easier way to express our own emotions than using words. In daily work, our employees are generally not very keen on expressing their thoughts and feelings, while in music workshops, it was easier for them to open up. Music class gave us a chance to know our employees from a different angle.”

Job Coach Tracey: “Music is also a kind of therapy which is softer and easier for employees to accept. The interaction and collaboration in the music class deepened the teamwork spirit and promoted unity among everyone. In general, music classes have positive impact on our employees.”

If you are curious about what is the most inclusive thing in the world, the answer is definitely MUSIC!

Thank You for all the Support!


ECOVIS Ruide China represents the ECOVIS Group in China and supports The Inclusion Factory with a wide range of services in accounting, financial management and auditing. We are  particularly grateful to Mr. Jay Su and the whole ECOVIS Ruide China team for their dedication and hands-on commitment to help creating and implementing an efficient and transparent financial strategy for The Inclusion Factory project.

Inclusion Factory’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards were awarded on March 30th.
The ceremony was held with the participation of Mr. Chen YongZhong, Chairman of Taicang Disabled Persons Federation, awarded companies representatives and the Inclusion board of Directors:
The 2017 awards were given to:



for their outstanding support as the Inclusion Factory biggest customer in 2017!

It is the second year in which Waelzholz are supporting the Inclusion Factory by covering our cost for PR and design service. (photo)

Second year that HA-BE is covering Inclusion Factory’s need for IT service, by sponsoring the service agreement with our IT supplier. In addition, HA-BE is also supporting us with special design and manufacturing of production fixtures.



Interested to know how can your company support and benefit from our CSR packages?
See more info here: How to become a partner?

Rödl & Partner is currently supporting us by providing pro-bono services, such as monthly bookkeeping, preparation of tax returns and by performing other services for free, for example payroll accounting and issuing of invoices.