We Are Inclusive We Are Designed for Success

An estimated number of 85 million people with disabilities live in China today but most of us never get the chance to meet someone with a disability in person in our daily lives, that is where prejudice and superstitions come from – we do not know, we hear some stereotypes and believe them to be true.

We most often see things from our personal point of view and it is hard to imagine that people with disabilities also have dreams, aspirations, love for beauty, hobbies and passion for life.

But we are more alike than different.

The journey of independence that has transformed these women inspired us to reflect on how alike we are and how every person has the possibility of succeeding on his/her own way.




We Are Strong



We Are Beautiful



We Are Independent




We Are Complete




We Are Alike



We are Designed for Success. But success is a tricky word, seems to be mostly defined by what other people thinks, yet at Zurita we believe success is what we define for our own lives. These women are successful in the same way we all are. We all have worried our parents at some point, we all had that awful teacher who told us we would never be who we wanted to be, we all have failed at some point. And yet we keep trying. That self-improving nature, that fight, makes us alike.

Makes us Successful by Nature.


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A Report on Inclusive Employment is Released!

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After almost a year of hard work, – reporton inclusive employment of people with intellectual disabilities – “Inclusion at Work: Guidelines for Social Inclusion in China” has finally been published.

This report provides a short overview of the Inclusion of People with developmental disabilities in China and presents guidelines as for how the inclusion can be further promoted.

With this report, we aim to help managers to reach an informed decision about the possibilities of inclusion within their companies and provide scholars, government and non-governmental organizations an insight into this rapidly developing field.

Information about social inclusion projects in China is scarce, and not easy to access, particularly for foreign management. With the endorsement of the Shanghai German Chamber of Commerce, and based on the experience of pioneering companies that are bringing this change into their societies, we hope this publication can shed some light on the topic, create more opportunities for people with disabilities, and show you, that Inclusion is rewarding, meaningful, and – above all – the right thing to do.

This report could only be published thanks to the support of the following people and organizations: Alexander Sirakov – the Editor in Chief and the initiator of this report, JungleFish Shanghai for the outstanding design and years of support, Elisabeth Bauer and the German Chamber of Commerce team and all other people who dedicated their time and knowledge to make this project happen. Thank you again!

And most notably, we want to express gratitude to outstanding employees of the Inclusion Factory and their families; because they are setting the standard for Social Inclusion in China and opening the door to many more people who will benefit from your amazing achievements!


Providing A Job is Giving Hope

At the age of 6, Xiao Quan started to look very different from other children. He liked to tease his neighbors’chicken. Xiao Quan’s parents had to apologize to their neighbors everytime. The situation happened over and over again. The neighbors didn’t have any other choice, just to keep bearing it, because everyone knew that this childwas a bit special. Xiao Quan’s parents said openly that families with similar children to Xiao Quan are not in an easy situation. Only parents of intellectually challenged children know how hard it can get.

All parents wish their children to be successful, and so do Xiao Quan’s parents. When Xiao Quan was in school, he was not social and he could not keep up with other students. Everytime there was a team activity, other students would run in one direction and Xiao Quan would run in the opposite one.

Later on, Xiao Quan’s parents moved from Anhui province to Suzhou for work purpose and took Xiao Quan along with them. He dropped out of school after finishing his primary education. As his parents have always been busy with work, they didn’t have time to stay at home and take care of him. They had to let Xiao Quan stay in a rented apartment alone. “He felt lonely there and didn’t have any friends, we could see he how he started to deteriorate.” His parents said.

How can a young man in the prime of his life be expected to stay at home by himself? Xiao Quan always sneaked out when his parents were not at home, however he often got lost and could not find his way back home. Sometimes Xiao Quan’s parents were looking for him until late at night. If they didn’t find him, the only option was to call the police, so they became regular visitors of the police station.

Once, on the afternoon of the Lantern Festival of 2017, Xiao Quan as usual, was going in the direction of Nanyang Square in Taicang; when he started to go back home ,he went in the opposite direction. He kept walking further and further, without asking anybody for help.

Then it started to rain, and Xiao Quan’s parents had to report to the police. That time his where aboutswere updated every half an hour. After 40 hours passed and he didn’t come back, his parents feared that the worst. After 48 hours, the parents had to give up. They left the police station crying in despair, and decided to go home and wait for information from the police.

When his parents returned home and opened the door, they couldn`t believe their eyes. Xiao Quan was at home, looking like a homeless, all covered in mud and grabbing leftovers from Lantern Festival’s dinner. Because he was eating so much and so fast, he actually damaged his stomach that day.

After surviving by the skin of his teeth, Xiao Quan’s parents decided that something must change in Xiao Quan’s life, and he should not make the life of his whole family so hard. They must seek the support from the government. Later, for the sake of their children, his parents also moved their household registration from Anhui to Suzhou.

After he came to work in the Inclusion Factory, Xiao Quan’s family experienced a great change. From Monday to Friday, Xiao Quan works in the Inclusion Factory, receiving professional vocational training and completing designated daily tasks. After a busy week, Xiao Quan does not want to run around on weekends any more. Instead, he stays at home and has a good rest.

Xiao Quan’s parents were very pleased from Xiao Quan’s change at this point. Inclusion Factory’s employees are driven to and from work every day, so Xiao Quan’s parents can set their mind at rest. Before working in the Inclusion Factory, Xiao Quan stayed at home and his parents found that the older he grew, the more serious his impairment became and the his mental deterioration gradually worsen. After receiving professional career training at the Inclusion Factory, Xiao Quan became more organized and efficient. At work, Xiao Quan gets along well with many colleagues and although he does not talk much, he has become more outgoing and undergone a major change.

Welcome to our Team!


A social worker recruitment

The ideal candidate is an experienced social worker, a person who loves working with people who have intellectual and mental disabilities. You will be given all the resources needed to start new projects, to further develop our Social Inclusion Academy program, to initiate transition program for special education school graduates and to develop the life skills of our employees. We are looking for someone who is willing to learn, grow, and join us in leading the social inclusion of people with disabilities in China.
You will work in an international and open-minded work environment. You will take part in inclusion related conferences and activities – great way to build your future career in the field of social entrepreneurship.


  • Lead the entire social program aspect: target cooperation partners, develop curriculum, design and deliver lessons, communicate with universities, build presentations, teaching independent life skills.
  • Assess the progress and development of the programs and of each employee and design future action plans.
  • Work closely with our team of professional job coaches and production supervisors, assist them in developing our employees’ skills and abilities.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Social work or related majors
  • Good communication skills
  • Highly organized with excellent attention to detail
  • Chinese Fluency, English is a bonus
  • At least 3 years of previous work experience with people who have intellectual and mental disabilities