We make inclusion work

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We help you source, hire, train and retain talents with disabilities in order to transform your company into a truly inclusive work place

Receive tax benefits

There are preferential policies such as employment security benefits and social security benefits for persons with disabilities

Reduce human resource costs

Employees with disabilities have greater loyalty to the company, therefore a lower turnover rate

Improves Corporate Image

A positive corporate image creates greater customer approval, resulting in more substantial revenue

Expanding the business network

By joining this exclusive CSR circle, it allows your company to harvest more opportunities

Increased creativity

Developing ways to hire people with disabilities stimulates creativity

Boosting Morale

Every person with a disability has an extraordinary perspective of life, these people can be positive role models to other employees

The Inclusion Advisory is a service matching people with disabilities with companies that hire them

Together we can prove that Inclusion works!

Service Flow

  • Requirement

    Company is interested in hiring people with disabilities

  • Analysis

    IA team visits the client and analyzes the workplace readiness for PWD

  • Report

    Inclusion advisory provides detailed road map with the action points

  • Candidate scouting

    IA interviews candidates and provides shortlist to the client

  • Interview

    Client interview candidates together with Inclusion factory team

  • Training

    Conducting awareness seminars to ensure a tolerant and accepting working environment
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  • Supported Employment

    IA provides on-going support and guidance for optimal placement, Providing on-going support to both the candidate and the employer

Maybe many people think it is difficult to be a trainer for people with intellectual disabilities. In fact, it is not as difficult as you think. We just need to find the most accessible way for people with intellectual disabilities to work by adjusting the process, design tools or fixtures;  these measures will support them to masterwork skills and complete tasks easier.

When we have these processes and tools ready, through continuous training and good working habits, we can see their growth; not only that they can do, they can do with excellent quality.

REIKO, Head Trainer of Flex Zhuhai Inclusive Workshop

Inclusion is not just a movement of our corporate culture, It is also a movement of our hearts and minds.  Inclusion removes our blinders and brings acceptance, understanding, and compassion not just into our organization but also into our everyday lives.

Vice President, IMS Gear

Success Cases

Mechanical Inclusive Factory

As the world’s top 500 electronics manufacturer, Flex decided to take and respond to the call. In 2018, they entered in the Inclusion Factory with the support of Inclusion Advisory. Here they received intensive vocational training to create the Mechanical Inclusive Factory. It now employs 16 employees with intellectual discussion.

Xiaojia’s mainstream enterprise job-hunting road

After working at the Inclusion Factory for a devoted period of 4 years, Xiao Jia, our most skilled employee was the first one to be included in an open market work environment. Following a preparation process of both Xiao Jia and IMS (the new employer). We started an on-the-job training program in IMS – starting on a monthly basis, and gradually increasing the frequency while continuously monitoring and guiding both parties to ensure a smooth and long-lasting employment relations. We are extremely proud of her and the meaningful path she has gone through.



Legal Framework

Relevant laws for promoting employment of Challenged Individuals.
(We strongly advice readers to refer to the Chinese version of the texts above.
The English version is an in-house translation and is to be regarded only as secondary to the original, Chinese version.)

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