Our mission at Inclusion Factory is inclusion of people with disabilities into society; our team as a whole, also has to strive to create a diverse and inclusive environment for all our staff members. We are all different in terms of abilities, skills, countries and the provinces we come from; we have different educational and career background, we vary in age, gender and marital status among other differences.

Xie yunao

Our team has significantly grown in the past few years. Now, we are already a team of 44 people! As our team has grown bigger, and we all focus on our own daily tasks, we don′t have time to reflect what it means for us as a team to work together towards our mission of promoting inclusion in China.

About CUnet

ICUnet helps capitalize on culture. We provide training, coaching, consulting and facilitation. Our customized portfolio includes localization of corporate culture programs, strategic workshops for global project roll outs, leadership skills for culturally diverse teams and overseas assignment training for hundreds of executives. We are a German, family owned business and our current Asia-Pacific clients include: Geely, BMW, Daimler, BASF, Beiersdorf, Brose, C-Trip, Siemens, Neusoft.