Our goal is to facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities into society through meaningful employment, high quality vocational training & personal development programs



With the help of our partners, the Inclusion Factory had become an illuminating example of how state-of-the-art equipment and custom-made machinery could be used to prove that the abilities of people with “disabilities” are endless! Their disabilities vanish and their self-esteem and skills bypass any imaginable boundary that society had laid out in front of them!

Wire Harnessing

Wire harnessing is one of our core competencies — with custom-made tools and high-end equipment from Komax we can provide not only intricate manual assembly but also ultra-sonic welding and wire printing. Feel free to visit our workshop in Taicang or ask for samples of our work.

Inclusion Advisory

Realizing that the Inclusion Factory can help more people with disabilities to find dignified and long-lasting employment, we have established the Inclusion Advisory, a service which helps mainstream companies to employ people with disabilities.


Our intelligent shift management system was tailored for our operation by SAP. The system takes into consideration the delivery time of the order, combined with the capabilities of each employee; the system arranges operators’ daily shifts, optimizes production capacity, and allows us to deliver to the customer on time.

Why us?

We got the tools

From screwdrivers to wire printing equipment: we use state-of-the-art tools for top-quality results. With our custom-made tools and machinery, we exceed our clients’ quality and lead time demands.

Certified Experience

Our Operation is ISO 9001, 2015 certified!
Supported by Dekra & Staufen, the Inclusion Factory is manufacturing at the highest industrial standards! We are also an AHK and iMove Germany certified Training center

Competitive Pricing

We charge very competitive prices and can deliver excellent price-performance ratio.

Proven Reliability

We have conducted successful projects with many multi-national corporations while managing to fulfill their high quality standards. In addition, we are well on our way to be ISO 9001, 2015 certified.

Do something good

With your support, we can actively progress towards achieving a better society where challenged individuals are fully integrated.

Your CSR Partner

China is always evolving and Corporate Social Responsibility is catching up and becoming a meaningful part of companies strategic planning for the years to come, we at the Inclusion Factory are your perfect partner for achieving your CSR goals!

What our clients say

I would like to thank the Inclusion Factory and their team for providing exceptional supply service to Mubea Automotive Components (Taicang) Co., Ltd. and I would like to recommend their services to companies committed to high quality and professional standards and corporate social responsibility.

We have been working with the Inclusion Factory on a monthly basis since 2016 and I testify that we always receive best quality production, with required traceability and transparency of production and without eceptions – within the established lead and delivery times.

— Andrzej Wojcikowski, Managing Director

Our story

A public benefit experiment in a factory:
22 workers with intellectual disabilities

“Everyone shall have the right to learn and to get a job”

“But we provide not only a shelter,” said Marina, a vocational training manager in the Company, who crossed fingers to make a protective gesture and then opened her hands, “in order to help them truly integrate into the society, we want them to find a joy outside.” She made a hug gesture, “Of course, if they are not happy, they can come back at any time.”

—— Marina
Job Coach, SIA Program Director

Inclusion Network





a 3-minute video on CSR as a business strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility is an important strategy in companies, but many managers do not know how to comply with it and put it into practice. We prepared a 3-minute video to explain exactly that, we promise it is worth watching!       This…

SAP – Creating a smart interface for employees with disabilities

“There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals”; it is rare to find those people, and we were lucky enough to run with SAP. SAP's vision is to "make the world…

My Life, My Beauty!

Our Life, Our Decision, Our beauty... Today we are celebrating diversity, fairness and acceptance of people who were born what the society presumes “different”. In fact, aren’t we all different? The difference between the “so called”…

Taicang Inclusion Factory 2019 Yearly report: Our Successes, Our Growth, Our Challenges, Our Future

2019 was an extraordinary year for all of us; full of moments worth remembering, full of people whom we should thank. Thus, we have compiled all these great moments into an annual report. We would like to express our are gratitude to all our…

Special Times Call for Special Actions

We believe that in these special days, people with disabilities can further show their real value to the society and companies included!

Facing COVID19 with Support from our Partners!

Inclusion Factory officially resumed its operation on February 17th. In order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection, we have set up an Epidemic Prevention and Control Group, to follow and record the health condition of our employees and to…
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Let’s take some time and think together how to find a road to inclusion

Our mission at Inclusion Factory is inclusion of people with disabilities into society; our team as a whole, also has to strive to create a diverse and inclusive environment for all our staff members. We are all different in terms of abilities,…

The United Nations Development Program published our Inclusion report!

Since our inclusive employment report Inclusion at Work:Guidelines for Social Inclusion in China was released, it has already had 4579 views. The report's call for inclusive employment echoes the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including No Poverty, Quality Education, Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Reduced Inequalities.

Making Innovation More Inclusive– European Chamber of Commerce Awarded us CSR Award

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China has been a strong advocate of CSR over the past years. This year`s CSR Awards Ceremony brought International and Chinese Business and Organization Leaders, CSR experts, as well as representatives of Government from all over China to Nanjing. The CSR Awards aim to acknowledge successful projects with CSR value, raise sustainability awareness, and share experience with promoting social corporate responsibility in China.


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